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Always Have a Plan B

This is it. The judges have deliberated, mobs with burning torches and pitchforks have been evaded, and it is time to get down to business.

Caterina: Fierce picture, but it didn't make the werewolf connection for us.

Maranda: Well, now I want to eat brains. Beautiful editing jobs, even if the top and skirt don't quite mesh together.

Wren: To quote a judge, "Cutest swamp thing ever." You nailed it.

Bottom Two:

Aila: We felt the hat had been added on as an afterthought, as if you suddenly remembered you were supposed to be a witch. It's not awful, but it's pretty far from well-done.

Alia: If we hadn't been the omniscient judges, we would have been absolutely unable to tell you were supposed to be a vampire. While you didn't have to go the traditional Dracula route, this borders on unrecognizable. It took searching to find the fangs--and we wished the skirt matched.

I will only call one name. The girl who is not called must immediately pack up and leave the model house.

Aila: We were disappointed, but we think you can put in the effort necessary to produce something great next time. Congratulations, you are still in the running to becoming CandyBar's Next Top Model.
Alia, I'm sorry. Thank you for participating.
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