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Too Busy For the Brontes

Sorry for the delay! I really should be writing a Wuthering Heights essay. OH WELLS!

Click the cut for challenge information. I'm not setting a due date right now, since I don't even know if I have internet over Thanksgiving!


Aila: Amethyst
Caterina: Ruby
Maranda: Emerald
Wren: Sapphire

Have a ball. Research what they represent, the months they're associated with, whatever you want. If everyone could just let me know what their workload is from now until Sunday, I'll get a due date (probably Sunday night).
Remember, whoever wins the challenge gets a :D
But no one gets eliminated. Enjoiiii, girlies.

EDIT 11/26: Due by Wednesday. Caterina + Aila, are you out there?
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