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From the mouth(s) of Coatlicue

Welcome to the last panel before the final three. Tonight, another girl goes home. This panel is not for the faint or weak of heart; anyone with a heart condition or low blood sugar is advised to turn away.

Caterina: You captured Frigga perfectly. Well-done especially on the dress! We liked that you weren't afraid to experiment. Congratulations!

Maranda: We all thought the picture was a little busy--the sun & moon & stars were maybe unnecessary--but it was a beautiful photo, with a clear idea of the goddess behind it. Well done!

Bottom Two:


Aila: We all thought this was a beautiful picture. But we didn't feel your goddess at all. We don't see the strength both you and Hera should have. We felt like you didn't reach your potential here.

Wren: We don't see Amaterasu here at all. Nothing here says sun goddess, from the generic outfit to the worried expression. You've given us such strong photos in the past, and we were all disappointed to see you plummet with this.

I will only call one name. The girl who is not called must immediately pack up and leave the model house.

Aila: We feel like you tried, and for some reason didn't quite get there. It's simple, even blah, but we know you have potential. We know that you'll try for this. Congratulations, you are still in the running to becoming CandyBar's Next Top Model.

Wren, I'm sorry. Thank you for participating.
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