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Challenge Time!

All right, models! Challenge time for our final three.
We're nearing the finale've all come very far, worked very hard, and taken a very great amount of photos to reach this point.
Now I want you to think back, to the very first you remember? You had to do a spring shoot...

This challenge is the other three seasons! Each girl will get a season, and then model for the season. Think carefully about clothes and colors, and please include backgrounds!
Challenges are not judged by the panel, but late entries will still result in disqualification if you have not asked for an extension.

Aila: Winter
Caterina: Autumn
Maranda: Summer

And please remember, you are modeling for the season, not embodying it, so keep the metaphysics to a minimum!
Good luck! ^_~

Due date: Thursday, Dec 28

EDIT 12/31: In response to everything wot's been going on so far...yes, crossdressin' princesses are the shit, I still haven't gotten my preordered Twilight Princess because somebody somewhere hates me, so I am a little sad and cranky on top of the disappointed.
Where is Aila? The challenge was due three days ago!
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I beg you once again for an extension! x__x I'm sorry I suck so much.

Anyway, until the 29th will be fine for me, I just need a little bit of time.

Thank you in advance and sorry again! TToTT
Man, for the past challenges I like save them and then forget about them 'til the day of... hahahahaha.

Should have it in by tonight :).
e__e I've been doing the same thing. LOL.

Soooo... autumn! Having the first photoshoot in mind, Cat made sure to dress for the season. With autumn comes the return of darker colors- browns, oranges, tans, that sort of thing. It's cool now, cool enough to wear jeans again- yay! Darker pairs also tend to work well in this season. There's no need to go outside with a huge winter coat or anything, but it's still wise to have long sleeves and a stylish, warm trim, and may even be necessary to have a loose-fitting hat on you to protect against the chilly wind. The great part about autumn is the shoes you can wear- there's no snow or anything, so there's no need to whip out the fur-lined boots just yet- in fact, you can still wear your cute heels! And while there's no need for makeup to be too drastic, darker shades of lipstick and subtle orange eyeshadow will work wonders for you in the orange and red setting of fall.

So after Cat dressed for the season in her warm, dark clothes, pretty shoes, and cute hat, she went out and posed against the nicest autumn setting- the park, complete with its park bench, colorful trees and fallen leaves.
Aw, I love that you mirrored the pattern of the jacket in the cuffs of the pants! I have to say, I'm not really feeling that choice of hat with that particular outfit but it really is hella-cute! <3
Since I was summer, the easy option would have been just doing a swimsuit, or something else in that vein that is automatically coupled in with summer clothing. However, I've never really been one to do the obvious, so I decided to focus on something else.

An important staple of a summer wardrobe that is often forgotten is the sun dress. It's versatility is key in a hot weather wardrobe. Whether you're going window-shopping, for a midafternoon walk on the beach, or on a romantic date, the sun dress is a perfect way to do your day in comfort and style, without looking like a tourist if you're in a vacation spot. And with a sheek white dress (which was very in style this past summer), anything goes, even a day at the office or a summer wedding!

I wanted to represent the versatility of the dress rather than just wear it once, so I accessorized it to give it two different looks--casual and elegant.

Image Hosted by

For a fun but classy daytime look, add a cardigan and large tote. In the summer, shades are a must, and keep it comfy with a pair of cute espadrilles.

For a nighttime look, keep it simple and pair the dress with beautiful white heels and an elegant black bracelet. Punch up the appeal with berry-stained lips and a smoky eye. A shawl is optional but a great way to keep warm on breezy summer nights.

And if all else fails, you can use a summer dress to simply...


You can do beach-chic by turning your daywear into a cover up, paired with accessories that match what's underneath the dress rather than on top. (Having a bit of your suit peeking out is a fun way to keep it casual, as well!) Don't forget to wear sandals that will cross-over easily from concrete to wood and sand, and, obviously, carry a big bag filled with the essentials, especially sunscreen! Oversized sunglasses will keep it hip and protect your eyes from harsh UV rays.

(Sorry if these 3 are a little much. XD If you're looking at just one to judge on, I suppose the third one would probably be the best, as it's actually representative of summer. I just wanted to explore the possibilities. e_e;)
(Oh! As a side note, that beach Maranda is on is one of the beaches I go to. :D Myrtle Beach, SC, WHAAAT?!)

(.. ... ... ... ... ... ... FORGIVE ME. About.. the keep-posting. XD)
Haha, seriously though, this is amazing. I really want to buy such a summer dress now... and it's winter.
You sold it, man.
^^; Thanks!

On another note, I and Maranda both long for Caterina's lips. XD
*sigh* As do I.

They're a pain to deal with, though, considering what she started out with... it took me a year and a day to make when I actually did make it. Now I shouldn't be complaining 'cause all I do is copy and paste but... oh, I don't know. They can be annoying, haha.
Holy whizow, I said "sheek" dress. XD I think I meant sleek.

... Or maybe I meant Shiek. After all, nothin' says lovin' like a crossdressin' princess.
or "chic" depending on how you say it, "sheek" and "chic" can sound the same... just a thought :)

love that dress btw :D
O_O!! I haven't gotten my Twilight Princess either.. ._.; I'm hoping to trade in Fullmetal Alchemist Dual Sympathy and use the store credit to go towards my Gamecube version, since my brothers' already bought the Wii one. -_-;

I'm at a loss on Aila's present location. o_o; She always seems to drop off the face of the earth right before a challenge or photoshoot then come back mysteriously.. one can only wonder...

::Stares off into the sunset.::
I sorry
need new keyboard

explain more tomorrow

yes im aware that im terrible

sooooo sorryyy!!!!!
Ahahahaaha! You still use that! :D I'm so proud. ^^