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I Don't Suck

This is it, dearhearts. The final photoshoot. When both photos have been submitted and the judges have deliberated, we will declare Candybar's Next Top Model.
Hit the cut for photoshoto information!

The theme of this photoshoot is, yes, duality. (I hope the challenge will make sense now.)

Maranda: Yin (black)
Caterina: Yang (white)

A few things to remember when modelling Yin and Yang:

Yin is: feminine, dark, and passive
Yang is: masculine, bright, and active
But--this doesn't mean Caterina, for instance, has to be butch, or Maranda has to be girly.
Yin and Yang are not exclusive of each other. Each has a part of the other in it. So if you think your photo is too monochrome, toss in a shock of the other color.
And finally: Other than skin, eyes, makeup, and hair, please use only black or white.

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Since this is the final photoshoot and I don't think there's ever been a photoshoot wihtout extensions, you're getting two weeks to do this.
Due date: Wednesday, February 21
(If both get in before that, we'll judge early)

Good luck!
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