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Cel-shaded Animated

It's been six girls for a long time, but someone has to go home. I thought this was a fun photoshoot for everyone to get back into the swing of things, and I hope everyone had fun. Everyone's recreations and representations were faithful and fun interpretations! I'll unscreen the comments after this.
Now for the sad part...

Alia: Great job on the hair. It was a risk, and it paid off.

Caterina: Cute, but the expression seemed bland to us.

Maranda: Cute, feminine, and well-done.

Wren: DAY-UM...but, like Jessica, comes feeling a little prepackaged.

The bottom two:

Aila: We thought the character recreation was good, but the expression was so plain. Where was the modelling, where was the character?

Amelia: A well-done and gorgeous looking costume. But the pose confused us. Were you sitting, were you standing? On what?

This was a tough decision for all of us, but we have to send someone home.
The girl who is not called must pack up and leave the model house.

Aila, congratulations, you are still in the running to become Candybar's Next Top Model.
Amelia, I'm sorry. Thank you for participating.
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