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Challenge results :)

So, first of all, thank you for all handing in your challenge results on time! Secondly, this was quite hard to judge because all of you guys did so great. The competition is really getting tough!

Anyways, on to the critiques:

Challenge Winner: Caterina - Drought

You chose a great outfit for this one and the editing looks perfectly natural (except for the bandana, the only thing that wasn't perfect). I was especially impressed with her expression, it really stood out and is a great example of what great effects one can achieve with minor edits to the face. Congratulations!

Runner-Up: Wren - Tornado

It was hard to decide between Caterina and you because both of your entries were so great. Wren, your outfit was really outstanding and captured the tornado perfectly. But your expression doesn't quite fit it.. it looks a bit scared or sad and that's not tornado. Still a great job, though.

Maranda - Monsoon

I think the monsoon was quite a challenge and you made a good job of it. Your hair, expression, earrings, makeup and the colors were awesome. However, your outfit would have needed a bit more work, especially the bottom part. It was a bit plain, lacked that special something.

Aila - Blizzard

I can see that you had some great ideas for this challenge, especially for makeup and the outfit. However, I really didn't like the black hair, partly because it's so far from your natural blond and partly because I think it doesn't fit the blizzard very well. Also, the color theme was good but the skirt really lacked some blending of the different shades in order to fit the top.

Alia - Hurricane

To be honest, after seeing the others' entries, yours disappointed a bit. I can see that you thought about the symbolic meanings of your clothes, but without your explanations, I'd never have guessed what you're trying to convey. It's a nice outfit, but by no means a hurricane.

Good luck for your next photoshoot, girls :)
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