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Luna Deia

Photoshoot time. We are getting right down to it, aren't we?
Click the cut for photoshoot information.

Sure, you're a diva. You're the best, and you know it...right? You're putting on a friendly face, but it's time to let the true queen show through.
Your photoshoot assignments? The queens of ancient mythology!

Aila: Hera
Greek, wife of Zeus and supreme goddess

Caterina: Frigga
Norse, wife of Odin and Mother of All (often confused with Freya)

Maranda: Nut
Egyptian, goddess of the sky and mother of the gods

Wren: Amaterasu
Japanese, sun goddess of the Plain of Heaven

Just be glad you didn't get Coatlicue.
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The due date is Wednesday, December 13. That is my birthday, so make me happy and have 'em in on time! (Or late, with a reasonable excuse given at a reasonable time.)
Premade dolls will not be accepted. Premade poses are acceptable.
We're coming down to a stiff competition, girlies, so really think about these photos! You are embodying goddesses--make sure we can tell.

Good luck!

Edit: An extension has been asked for, so if you ABSOLUTELY can't get your dolly in on time, the deadline has been extended until tomorrow, December 14.
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