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Challenge Time!

All right, models! Challenge time for our final three.
We're nearing the finale've all come very far, worked very hard, and taken a very great amount of photos to reach this point.
Now I want you to think back, to the very first you remember? You had to do a spring shoot...

This challenge is the other three seasons! Each girl will get a season, and then model for the season. Think carefully about clothes and colors, and please include backgrounds!
Challenges are not judged by the panel, but late entries will still result in disqualification if you have not asked for an extension.

Aila: Winter
Caterina: Autumn
Maranda: Summer

And please remember, you are modeling for the season, not embodying it, so keep the metaphysics to a minimum!
Good luck! ^_~

Due date: Thursday, Dec 28

EDIT 12/31: In response to everything wot's been going on so far...yes, crossdressin' princesses are the shit, I still haven't gotten my preordered Twilight Princess because somebody somewhere hates me, so I am a little sad and cranky on top of the disappointed.
Where is Aila? The challenge was due three days ago!
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