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It all came down to the shoes

This last challenge was about finding one side of yourself and emphasizing it. We had one angel and one demon, but will have only winner.
When I say the decision was all down to the shoes, I'm only joking a little. Maranda's angel was a wonderfully traditional approach to the angel that wandered nowhere near cliche, thanks to the staff and arch. (For the record, fluffy wings are actually encouraged, but expecting to get by on nothing else but fluffy wings would have been frowned upon.)
Caterina's demon was smoulderingly sexy, with an amazing outfit, amazing hair, amazing attitude. Both had shoes I would have actually killed a man for.
It was very tough to decide.

*drumroll please*

Congratulations, Maranda!

Even though your neck disappeared, the expression, staff, and yes, the shoes, helped the decision. Are you ready?

: D

It was a very tough call! I am very proud of both of you.

Your very final photoshoot will be posted within the week! Get ready. ;)
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