Does she have what it takes to be on TOP?

Candybar's Next Top Model
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Does your doll have what it takes to be on top?

Is she fierce?

Is she fabulous?

She could be Candybar’s Next Top Model!

Welcome to Candybar’s Next Top Model, a whole new kind of Candy RP. This game follows the formula of the hit show America’s Next Top Model. If you’re not familiar with it, check it out on YouTube.

So, here’s the plan: 13 beautiful dolls from all across the land are here to battle it out for the chance to be named Candybar’s Next Top Model. Each week, they will compete in challenges and themed photo shoots designed to test their ability as models. The weakest models are eliminated one by one until only one is left standing. Sounds ominous, huh?

The rules:

1.Every participant is allowed to create one character. This character will serve as their model for the duration of the contest.

2.The eyes, nose, mouth, and facial shape of the doll must remain the same.

3.The hair can be changed with different photo shoots, as long as the relative color and length are maintained. (Exceptions will be made for more outlandish shoots.)

4.You may either use eLouai’s doll maker or the Korean doll maker, but please specify in your entries.

5.Once a character is eliminated, her creator may not continue to participate in the contest until the next cycle.

6.Members are allowed to post comments on the entries; however, only the comments of the judges matter in determining who stays and who goes.

7.You may make posts with character interaction; all characters are encouraged to participate. Your dolls can be friends, enemies, whatever—but keep it all in good fun. Any creator who starts personal drama will be banned from the community.

8.If you get eliminated, don’t be nasty. Don’t whine and curse and leave hateful comments. Just learn from it and try again next cycle. I promise, we’ll always give you constructive criticism.

The application:
Right now we’re taking any and all character applications. You must include the following:

1.Two pictures of your character: one made solely in a doll maker, and one edited.
3.Astrological sign
4.Favorite designer or clothing brand
5.Favorite real-life model
6.Favorite food, band, movie, TV show
7.Why should she be Candybar’s Next Top Model?
8.What’s her personal style?
9.Personality described in three words

All applications must be posted by April 5th. After that, we will narrow down the contestants to thirteen finalists, and the real fun will start.

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♥ Christine

P.S.: I’m also looking for three people to be judges. Judges cannot be contest participants. If you want to be a part of CBNTM but don’t have the time to make two new dolls every week, judging may be the place for you.